Leonardo Da Vinci created all of his notes by mirror writing.
If you think it's impossible... you are wrong! It's as easy as pie and soon you will be able to challenge the genius. Start with writing and sketching by mirror writing! R-Draw will help you. Test yourself in 81 different levels. Your time is limited and the sketch is disappearing faster in every turn. Each level brings new challenges.
Warning! Mirror writing is just the beginning.
Really hard game! Just do it!
How To Play:
Before first level of first chapter, there is short animation, which tells you how to play the game, you can also read instruction.Manual:

You have to draw a different shapes on the mobile phone screen. Remember your hand and quill pen move in different way- mirror way. Depending on the chapter (there are nine in game), when finger is moving up he quill pen is going down and in other chapters moving finger left causes quill pen goes right! When you touch first sign, shape you have to draw starts to disappear and clock is ticking down. then you have to draw whole shape by connecting second sign, third sign and so on.
In the end R-Draw compare your sketch to original one and will tell you how similar they are. Your sketch should be at least similar in 50%, to move you to the nest level.

Good luck! "It's fresh and usefull game" "Very original and creative" "Try the R-Draw. Well worth it!" "R-Draw is an interesting, based on the original idea the application" "Big breath of fresh air in the world of puzzle games"