Hey, I am Lucille the cannon. I live in Dizzy Color West World. If you have played games such as Bubble Saga, BublleShoter or Tetris, I have challenge for you.
Dizzy Color game is an exciting journey through American suburbs.
Each level is prepared by Bominous- humans, who make sure that levels are difficult to pass. You have less and less moves and time (my fuse burns quickly).
Help me to defeat Bominous in my Western world.

- over one hundred different levels (for now)
- handmade animated graphics
- HD, Western music
- challenging levels
- adorable vulture and Lucille the cannon
-coming soon: new obstacles, new levels

How to play?
You have to choose which colored cartoon balls you shot to destroy all of them in every level. Balls disappear when there are at least three of them with same color nearby. Shots are limited and when the fuse is burned out, the time is over. There are some obstacles like walls (blocks way) and helpful stuff like bomb (explosives) and diamonds (ability to change color).

If you like Dizzy Color, visit our site and tell us about it. We are still working on the next levels- maybe you want to make a suggestion?
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Good luck!