Computer net Defence

In May 2017 world has been attacked by new, very dangerous ransomware virus called WannaCry. Over 83% of all computers has been attacked. No one could stop it, till unknown company BCG developed super cutting-edge vaccine Computer Net Defence.

Then, everything has changed, people only needed to spread it on infected networks.

Now, it is your job to fight against virus and save the world. In order to deliver vaccine to the infected computers you have to create proper network. Once you cure every computer in one room, you can move to the next one, till you save entire world.

Remember that every connection between computers are expensive, so you should minimize number of connections. Less connections you have, more points you get.

OK, no more questions? Now, let's save the world!

You can either try yourself in adventure or you can play free tour where you can easily switch between levels.

When you choose your nickname and share your location, you will have the opportunity to compare your results with other players in your city, region, country and even world.
Game is completely free, it does not contain any ad, and there is no additional purchases.